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SIMES International Studies Program

6 months of intensive science & technology

STEM + Innovation + Method + Education + Startup = SIMES

We are an institution specialized in STEM education in Chile. We teach advanced courses in Science and Technology for elementary and high school students. We also give advanced courses in STEM Education (Science – Technology – Engineering – Mathematics) for teachers from different educational establishments in the country. We currently have services in Santiago and Concepción.

Our main objective is to provide high quality services in all areas that comprise the secondary and part of the primary education.

Educating and innovating

For a better future

Educational Services

STEM education for the needs of the 21st century

SIMES focuses on the education of basic and secondary education students, complementing their school studies and opening new areas of knowledge and scientific-technological development.

Classes and workshops

Our courses and workshops focus on teaching areas such as: Artificial Intelligence and Programming, Astronomy, Biotechnology, Materials Science, Physics (Particle Physics), Renewable Energies and more.

Classes are held in a 3-hour format separated into two 75-minute blocks*. Unlike other extracurricular courses, SIMES is not based on teaching with evaluations. Students test their learning through the application of their knowledge.

* Approximate duration of the class blocks.

Educational solutions for Schools and Institutions

SIMES offers consulting services, workshops and customized courses to complement classroom education.

Scientific advice can also be provided for school science projects and competitions.

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